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his youngest ys child has a heart condition and can't get proper medical treatment. at least for eid, the most important slim holiday, a charity group is offering those who have lost everything some relief. handing out gift packets and organizing special activities for the display. the eid gst packages consist of several items, shoes here and people get new clothes and some food packets andls amio the families all get a gift donation of money as well, which equals about $30, and that's significant, especially in these times of hardship. the welfare foundation is a well-known pakistani charity group and has organized the eid gifts for about 600 people staying at the camp. >> translator: the pleasure of worship is helping people in need. by god, when we go in the field and help the victims, we find satisfaction. >> wasil khan got his gift. since the flooding, he owns
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little else. inches been a month since h was forced to evacuate his family from their home. he took me back to the now-ruined building. which he said was submerged ed ud for four days. he said the structure is so damaged, he can't move in right now. you can see the wall totally destroyed. ack at the camp, many share a similar fate. their houses destroyed, most of their belongings lost, little gifts to go a long way. on this special muslim holiday, it seems the greatest regift th received was a reason to smile. cnn, pakistan. to find out how you can make a difference and help provide relief for the flood victims in pakistan, visit our impact your world page, going back home,go a short time ago, the first residents of a badly-damaged neighborhood in
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san bruno, california were allowed to return to their homes. the neighborhood was devastated by a natural gas explosion and fire. 37 homes were destroyed. cnn's ted rowlands is live in san bruno today. give us an idea of what these residents were able to see. >> well, fredricka, we're talking about the people that were just outside that perimeter of the blast zone. the homes that were completely demolished, that's still a crime scene. and investigators are still literally sifting through the dirt there looking foiar any potential evidence or potential hun remains. but it's those people that live in the surrounding homes, the ones that are still standing, that have been out of their homes since the thursday explosion. they were allowed back last jt hour and a half. they've been going back into their homes, and whngat they're seeing is, yes, their home is intact. but they're seeing thetr neighborhood completely destroyed. it's a pretty emotional scene, as you can imagine out there on the hill.
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meanwhile, the questions ontinue as to how this happened. and theng investigation is movi too slowly for a lot of people here. politicians have urged the investigators to pick up the pace or at least deliver information. one thing that has surfaced is a history to this pipeline. this area that did explode. pg & e, the gas company, had identified this line years ago as being potentially dangerous. and when they were petitioning to replace it, they said it was a reat. now that was i the threat wasn' that it would explode. the threat was that it might leak and needed repair. we talked to some folks from consumer advocacy group here in the bay area, said that the fact that this was already a piece of pipe that had been looked a by g & e as potentially dangerous should have gone into the thinking when there were these reports that people smelled gas. take a listen. >> the company should take a look at their maps and say, oh,
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this is old. we identified it as high risk and pay extra attention. >> and the idea that this area was high risk, a lot of people think, you know, the alarms should have gone off if indeed these residents did smell gas in the days preceding this explosion. ngcourse, it's all armchair quarterbacking, monday morning quarterbacking to some extent. people really do want to wait to see what this iestigation yields. but fredricka, as you can imagine, the people going back into their homes today, it's pretty emotional scene up there on the hill. for those that are out of their homes, still, it may be a long time before they'll be able to get a loft. at what's left. >> do we have a number? do we have an idea of how many people have showed up today to check out their homes that weren't, you know, gutted by this fire? >> they're doingt in a
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piecemeal fashion. so bsically they're allowing it by street. and the residents from each street are being informed to come at a certain time. so we're only a few hours intor the process. so there are a few dozen people that have been allowed in. thand in the coming hours throughout today, all of the residents that have been deemed to be in this area, will be allowed in. it's sort of the beginning of what will be a day-long process. >> behind you, the american red cross veryusy there. oftentimes, devastating scenes like this they're handing out food or beverages. is there another kind of service that they're offering? >> yeah. well they're taking donations in not only cash donations, but ctople are bringing clothes, et cetera, for those affected. the families that have lost their homes are being taken care of quite well. pg & e has offered them assistance fiv ling and the red cross is here from the very beginning, helping to shepherd the community support, which is
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overwhelming. people that have seen this have come out and donated. so people are being taken care of in the short-term here. >> ted rowlands, thanks so much from san bruno. another fire causing more worries in colorado, evacuations being ordered because of a n fast-moving wildfire north of boulder. that's whereo firefighters have been working to contain a massive blaze for almost a week now. firet officials tell cnn that a many as 100 homes could be threatened in loveland. one structure has already been damaged. and then just south of boulder, firefighters there hoping to have a destructive wildfire under control in the next few days. the four-mile canyon fire ripped through several subdivisions, at least 160 homes have been destroyed. the fire started on monday. and evacuees still have not been allowed back in that area. and then there' a big concern out in the atlantic, jacqui jeras is here to give us an idea of how nervouswe ought to be about igor. >> a little bit. you know, any time you see a
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major hurricane out over open water, you're going to be concerned. and this is a strong one that intensified rapidly today. igor, it's been a hurricane for a while. now it's a major hush, we're talking category 4 status. stronger winds with the latest update that came in at the top of the hour. now it's 140-mile-per-hour winds, moving westward, you can see how symmetrical thetorm is, how big and well-defined the eye ltiis. 20 nautical miles across. it's heading towards the leeward and windward islands. our best thinking is it will start to curve to the north. i want to mention over here, s the cape vaertd islands, we have tropical depression number 12, which is very close to tropical storm strength already and we may see this via our next named storm, julia. is the next storm on the list. where is igor headed? let's look at the official forecast track from the national
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hurricane center, the westerly movement and expect it to curve up to the north and west. a little weakness and our subtropical ridge will staisrt drive this further north and it's expected to stay to the north of the islands in the northern caribbean. it's a pretty big storm and we're talking about category 4 status, we uld still have some wind and wave impacts here, as well as maybe some showers and thundershors. we'll keep you monitored and keep you up to date. now let's look at what's going on in the atlantic. just do let you know how busy things are in the peak of hurricane season. here's the caribbean sea, here's an area of thunderstorm activity. clusters of thundershowers and thunderstorms. they've been getting did in the virgin islands and puerto rico. they could see a couple of e. inches of rainfall with these. there's a high potential with these that this will get more
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organized and become a tropical depression. that could happen in the next day or two. now do we need to be worried about that in the u.s.? let's show you what the computer models have been doing. they're moving this system westward. there's a parrotty good consensus that they're all moving this wa. when we start to see zig-zags, it makes you more concerned about it. but we want to say heads up 20 the people in the gulf of mexico. a lot of thing going on, nothing too get toworked uabout at this point, but we'll watch it all for you. >> thanks, jacqui. iran is now telling the family of a jailed american hiker that she can go free, but it will cost them half a million dollars in bail. our susan candiotti is following all the developments for us. are the families, including sarah's mother saying anything tonight? >> no, fred, not a word. tonight the families are keeping their thoughts to themselves as they watch the developments very
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closely. thbig question is, is this bail offer theeal deal? and can it be worked out? j iran's judiciary today said a half million dollar bail tore sarah shourd was set. at the same time, we learned that the hiker's lawyer finally got in to see them for the first time since he was hired last year. the lawyer confirmed the bail demand and said the three are doing well. since the iran has no diplomatic ties to iran, the intermediary tells cnn that technicalities are being reviewed and the state department is monitoring the situation. all along ey and the white house have said all three hikers should be freed. but where the money would come from, is unclear. >> what about the other americans, shane bauer, zwrosh vittle. >> things could be getting grimy for them. today a prosecutor said a judge has indicted them on spying
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charges after completing an investigation. now iran's news agency said they found unspecified documents and equipment that they claim indicates that the group had special training. but there was no further explanation. now as you know, the family has flatly denied the hikers are spies and sai they might have crossed thebo border by acciden. >> if there's this $500,000 figure being dangled, at kind ever options does the family have? >> if the bail is paid, well there could be a waiver, in all likelihood. and it could also be done with intermediaries somehow. sarah's mother has said that her -- the families are very worried, fred, obviously. and in particular, sarah's mother. she said her daughter found a lump in one ofer breasts and that her daughter also has othen issues, including depression. the only bright note here is she got engaged to fellow hiker, d here's what her mother said
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about that last may. >> they've been in love for a long time now. shane made a lile ring for sarah ou of i guess his shirt, unheavelled string and thread and wove it and made a little ring for her. and they asked us both if it was okay. so we said okay. >> so one bright spot. but certainly a bittersweet moment. and this is really been tough on all of the families as they watch to see what'spp going to happen next. clearly, you hate to say this time and again,ut it is an emotional roller coaster. >> susan candiotti in new york, appreciate that. all right. it's still may be september, but the tea party smells november. get any phone free only at verizon when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with i sup amoled screen.
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oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today. tea party activists have been rallying in wasngton and other big cities today, hoping to gain momentum ahead of the fall elections and shannon travis is at what was once the placof the washington rally, shannon, everybody has cleared out and it's almost over, but a lotf tea party memrs feel fired up about what took place.
5:16 pm
what are some issues that they're pushing? >> yeah, i mean as you can see behind me. the crowd is disbursing, let's go through some of the issues. tea party activists pretty much feel that elected officials are not adhering to the constitution. they feel that the country has run amuck in terms of government spending and want to see less taxes. they're critical of aot of entitlement programs. but i'll tell you this much, fred, a lot of tea party critics, a lot of people that criticize the movement say that tea party activists are hypocrites, they say a lot of activists freely tark advantage of medicare, social security, medicaid, huge entitlement programs. and if you want to adhere to the constitution or if you want to do away with orreceive some of those entitlement programs thenf you should not take advantage of them. so tea party activists say that they stress fiscal responsibility and lower taxes, and less spending. but their critics say, hey you're hypocrits because you're
5:17 pm
taking advantage of some of the biggest government spending programs out there. what'sthe response from some of the tea party advocates on that criticism, that they might be taking advantagef programs that at the same time they're saying they want to do away with? >> wl, in a lot of the tea partyit activists as i speak wi as i've been traveling, a lot of them say, hey, some things are necessary. others say, hey, yes, we should do away with some of the federal programs in farvote of perhaps having the states take over the programs. sohere's a mixed reaction, there isn't aes monolithic response to that question. but it's a fair criticism from some of their critics. >> most of the issues that the tea party wants to attach miitsf to are economic issues. less so, social issues. or social debates. >> thaa really good point and ant. important point. virt y will you all of the tea party activists say we do not want to touch social issues, gay marriage, abortion.
5:18 pm
they feel itge would putwn a hu split ght down the middle of the movement. you have a lot of conservatives who i personally have spoke with who are for gay marriage, maybe even for abortion rights. some other who is are not. t they don't want to touch social issues at all. they feel that they want to keep it on economic issues. another important point that in some of my interviews. you've seen in the past, past political uprisings, a lot of social conservatives come out and protest things like gay marriage or abortion. but you rarely see it with economic soifrs. and that's what you're seeing right now. that's a point of difference, with these protests from other eprotests in the past from conservative activists. >> shannon, you've reported on so many tea party gatherings, rallies, et cetera. how was this one different? or similar to what you've seen inhe past? any change in tone? >> not a change in tone, definitely a very anti-democratic message. very much, very little love for
5:19 pm
president obama. but i'll tell you the crowdlitt seemed to be a little bit smaller than i've seen at some of these washington rallies in the past. that cou be because glenn beck, popular cable tv show host held a huge rally here on martin luther king jr.'s anniversary of his "i ha a dream" speech here in washington. that was pretty huge. so it could be that some of the same people that attended that might have wanted to attend this, but because it was so close. sothe crowd was a little smaller. >> shannon travis, thanks so much with cnn's political team joining us from washington, appreciate that. and in jt a few minutes, we'll take a look at the big florida race that will be a major test for the tea party movement's power. viral videoup next, rewind, we love when josh comes along with some hot video. >> we've got some hot for you today. imagine that you're walking along the street and there's a money tree. >> people go crazy. >> an actlua money tree.
5:20 pm
>> right there. real ney. >> i'm going to show you what happened. >> plus, i got a teenager's ode to somebody that you probably never heard an ode to. ng up.ur ultimate relaxatio
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sw. a look at the top stories, the u.s. special envoy on north korea is in south korea to discuss the resumption of talks on the north's nuclear nprogram. stephen bosworth arrived in seoul today. the american delegation will also have stalks in tokyo and beijing. americ sarah shourd is expected to be released by iran once her family comes up with a
5:24 pm
half million dollars in bail money. lawyer representing shourdul says her release could come as early as today. shourd and two other american hikers accused of spying have been detained in iran for more than a year. iran says they crossed the border from aq illegally. >>and voters in turkey have approved a wide-ranging package of constitutional amendments. included in the 26 amendments, collective bargaining for public workers, affirmative action measures for women and judicial reforms. turkey's prime minister calls the passage a milestone for democracy. i know earlier we got you moving, at least josh did with those moves that dudes need to make. well now we got some catchy tunes. and a sneaky cat creep into this ekan's viral videos. >> i can't get over the whole -- >> the robots we were watching before? >> yeah. >> they're crazy.
5:25 pm
now everyone is always trying to become famousen youtube. once in a while someone comes along with a song that is so clever and so different that it actually works all righ it's time for me to introduce you to, a little piece of my idol. the young man who loves chicken. ♪ i love chicken so much i decided to write a song about it, so listen. ♪ ♪ i bust the windows out your car ♪ ♪ i thought i saw myself a church's box ♪ ♪ i smelled that chicken from afar ♪ ♪ and i traced the smell back to your car ♪ ♪ i took the chicken out the car ♪ ♪ >> you know, he has a facebook page, he's had millions of hits. i want you to hear a another lile pce of it. ♪ i guess it's not sweet aroma
5:26 pm
♪ i'm ticking out of your -- ♪ love my chicken ♪ cluck cluck cluck ♪ you touch my chicken ♪ i beat you up ♪ you fry my chicken go ♪ got to ♪ >> what a comedian. >> he's hilarious. >> he is the kid who loves chicken. or chicken guy. >> wait a minute. the guy skipping in the back, that was a little funny. too. >> he's making up a dance to go with this. >> a little clucking action at the end. >> i think he's my new favorite. >> so this is hot now. you mow what else is incredibly impressive? you're an athlete, you'll like the next one. the best and hottest theme song for an ncaa women's volleyball team ever. take a look. ♪ always be spiking ♪ you toss it ♪ catching fire and you know that you're in trouble ♪ ♪ but this is how we always do
5:27 pm
♪ welcome to the volley zoo ♪ this is the women's volleyball team ♪ ♪ these guys are rapping ♪ and they're good. >> and oh my goodness. >> i post all the links for facebook. >> these guys are really impressive. they actually rap about each player on the whole team. >> and make them all feel good. >> the a little campus celebrity. >> i think this thing might go viral enough,people are going to know the whole team. >> going to college is fun. >> i miss those days. >> uh-huh. >> we both do. moving on. i showed you before the break, the money tree. let me show you the set-up for' it. what's also surprising, take a look at this. we have the set-up video for you here. this is from amy rosenthal who run as website called who is she's an author.
5:28 pm
we're hearing "sweet er disposition" by the tender trap inhe background. created an actual moneyee tree. she said she checked and it's legal. put dollar bills on this tree with some notes that's supposed to help inspire you. she said she was curious of what would happen wheople stopped. r a long time peop would pass and don't take 'tanything. they don't even notice it. i'll bring you to the part where people finally start to notice it. but it's all done in high-speed like this. you see people walk by. >> i saw a note on one of them that said don't ask, just enjoy. >> what would you do? if you saw that? >> i'm pretty sure i would not grab. i would be skeptical. i'm skeptical of i would be like, what's the trick? is there -- >> you're going to pull the dollar and some hand comes out of nowhere and slaps you or somethin i wouldn't trust it. i would be standing back looking, okay, interesting. and watch others.
5:29 pm
> you know, you think cool, money grew ons trees and we're hearing, "mango tree." now -- >> i wonder how much of that $100 was snatched? >> i think in the end, not all of it. in the end of the video, not al. of it has been taken. and all of the people are watching the video now. time to meetneaky cat. take a look at sneaky cat. which is here for you. and basically, you're just looking at the shot of the bathroom. it's like 25 seconds and then watch -- >> he just comes iunincredibly slowly. and then slowly goes back down. we talked about this, you don't have to do much to go viral. millions of people watch this that's the whole vide >> you're adorable. now you're ready for your relaxation? >> yes, i'm ready. >> getting into the mode? >> okay. here comes the voice.
5:30 pm
there we go, josh bring it is down. >> i go back tnp my npr days. >> this is a youtube channel called super giant bubbles. take a look here. >> let's float away. >> bubbles. >> that goes -- >> my son would go crazy over that. >> he loves bubbles. >> what is it about bubbles. it fascinates me all the time when i see how fascinated he is about bubbles. >> seeing them that big -- >> i would want to jump into that bubble. >> the beach is in newport, oregon. >> a littleo moment to relax. it's all right. it's all going to be okay. >> our producers are ying, as
5:31 pm
always. that's a wrap. as always, the videos are all posted at my facebook page. you can send me a facebook ortw twitter, your favorite virals, which we'll have in the future.a nice, i like that. that was a nice way to end it. >> yeah, it was. now i'm feeling good. >> if you want to pick me up, ll givche you the chicken guy's video again. >> that was the comic relief. very good. from that very soothing bubble to now the political bubble. big tea party rallies takin place today, trying to build their candidates come november. we'll take a look at one of the biggest races of all down in florida. that's next. that would be awesome! [sarcastically] sure. like that will happen. don't just think about it. spend 10 minutes at lendingtree and save up to $272 month.
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a bit more politics now, tea party activists rallied at the u.s. capital today. and speakers included former
5:35 pm
congressn dick armey, who argued that kbig government is the oynl power on earthwr big enough to wreck america. today's theme was remember in november. a reference to the upcoming mid-term elections. one of the big races watch come november is the u.s. senate race in florida. can tea party favorite marco rubio win in the ultimatewing state. here's cnn's jimfr acosta. >> my friends, every generation of america has had a greatfa challenge to face. >> for marco ruo, times were simpler, when it was tea time all the hitime. >> this reckless out of control expansion of government goes too far. >> earlier this year, there were cups of tea at his side. >> the next united states senator, marco rub yo. >> and conservative tearty activists at his feet. >> i've been hearing about thee tea partiers for a while, i've been reading about you. >> rubio's run to the right forced charlie crist out of the
5:36 pm
raceor the gop henomination for u.s. senate. with the contest now a three-way battle royale with democratic ng congressm congressman kendrick meek. >> the shootown israeli and american planes. >> he's hired a team of high-powered washington-based gop consultants who allowed us to watch rubio run on some debate reps on president obama's policy. >> i think it's failed miserably. >> and it's difficultiened himself to the tea partiers, arizona's tough immigration law. >> the a original law alwed for racial profiling. i don't know if they intended that. i don't believe they did but the language and thenal law allowed for racial and ethnic profiling. they passed a bill that changed that. >> you're comfortable with that. >> f arizona i am. >> most florida teath partiers y they like rubio, but they
5:37 pm
wonder. >> do you worry that marco rubio might change when he gets to washington? >> definitely. whenyou send a politician to d.c., you wonder if you're going to get the same guy back. >> there's a difference with you in them? >> rubio has good reason to be his own man, he's watched crist surge in the polls as a self-styled centrist. >> at the end of the day, there's only one party i work for. >> the governor recently stumbled on the issue of president obama's health care law saying he was for it. >> before saying he was against it. >> there are parts of it i do support and there are parts of it i do take issue with. that's the beauty of being an independent candidate. >> crist declined to talk to us for this story. >> then there's kendrick meek, who is trying to fend off crist's recent appeals to democrats. >> charlie crist is trying to be undefible in this race and that has an expiration date on it. and that date has come and passed. >> that leads to perhaps the
5:38 pm
most fascinating side show in this three ring political circus, the tea party and the democrats have a common mission, to beat charlie tcrist. >> america doesn't need to be changed, america needs to be fixed. we think both political pties thato blame for t thing ntve gone wrong. s and that sentiment has found its pregs through the tea party movement. >> that was jim acosta reporting. how do you get humanitarian aid to some of the most dangerous places on earth. nd in combvat veterans. we'll introduce you to team rubi con. 48
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
man and woman: ♪ it's the happy birthday song ♪ love, dad and ♪ love, mom ♪ it's your birthday, now, that's the bomb ♪ ♪ you're 13 and livin' strong ♪ b [muffled] ♪ it's the happy birthday song ♪ what, what? ♪ it's the happy birthday song ♪ ♪ what, what? ♪ the happy... announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent, because kids in foster care don't need perfection. they need you.
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> some combat veterans areis on a new mission, using lessons they learned on active duty to
5:42 pm
get aid to the world's most dangerous areas. a former navy s.e.a.l. takes us on a mission to flood-ravaged pakistan. >> i'm packing for pakistan. >> i a member of the charity group team rubicon. a group made up of veterans of some of the most elite fighting forces in the world. no longer working for the military, we're now doing something different. using military training and logistics and technical skills to conduct humanitarian missions in some of the most remote and dangerous countries. >> five days ago, i got a call from them, they'ream sending a team to pakistan to assist with the victims of the floodingst disaster there. i headed to the airport to meet up with other team rubicon members who had volunteered for the pakistan operation. at the airport, were three other teammas. including former marine, william mcnulty. >> i spent eight years in the marine corps reserve.
5:43 pm
i beme an intelligence specialist. et cetera our experiencesp thate can respond to natural disaster. we bring these skills that were developed in on the battlefield. >> former iraq vet, matt pellek. told me how this mission differs om what he used to do with the military. >> it's good to come to an area gun in s and not have a my hand and be able to get down and help people and not have people looking at you with fear, but with, you know, ho. >> with the team assembled, first st, ibaki. this is hour 23 of our journey to pakistan. in the meantime, some of us are resting. just arrived at islamabad airport, loaded our gear into the team van and we're headheading down south to get closer to the affected areas wherthe aid work is going to begin. we began the long drive to
5:44 pm
southern punjab, a place where international aid is desperately needed for hundreds of thousands of pakistanis. but the problem is, many western doctors are wary of coming here, because of the precarious security situatio >> we you know, assessed the risk involved. to mitigate what risks we can. we accept a certain level of risk in line with the mission and then we act. >> concerns about security are constant here. upon our arrival, there had been thre bombings i three days. with more than 100 people killed. >> that's where we're driving to the areas in the southern punjab reon at are most affected by the floods. there's this long continuous line, it's practically a mile long of trucks that are delivering aid to the regn. i mean just the sheer vome is incredible. there must be 100 trucks, waiting to try to get supplies to the affected areas.
5:45 pm
>> after 8,000 miles and three straight days ofg, traveling, h a remote s into village that even a month into the flood is yet to receive medical aid. undaunted by warnings abou security, the team begins saving lives. dr. eduardo dolan is a member of the team. >> what we're goingo do is this is going to be our defacto triage area. we'll diagnose write the prescriptions. >> as the team begins to set up a clinic in an abandoned building, the victims start arriving. >> what's the issue with this y? guy? >> the baby is totally flreopp unresponsible. >> we're going to bring the baby to see dr. dolan right now. >> the baby is not even -- >> we have a baby that isten, 11 months old and having diarrhea with four to five days with vomiting. we now have a situation in which she is probably bordering on
5:46 pm
severe dehydration to th point where the baby is -- listless. >> it's here,despite all the concerns about saty, the taliban threat, mlitas and sectarian vience, the real threat team rubicon nds is that of children and the elderly dying of dehydration. it's simple logist beings. lives can be saved if aid can get there. from all the skills it's risking the journey to the victims that may be the team's greatest act. as this baby, one of 2,000 villagers that team rubicon will treat this day, fight for survival. that was cnn's kaj larsen reporting. to find out how you can make a differce, visit our impact your world page, > meantime, a porful storm out there right now has got a
5:47 pm
name, igor and rapidly growing, our jacqui jeras is watching itsg growth. >> it's girth is widening. >> it's been getting stronger. >> a little bit surprising to so strong so fast throughout the day. we're talking about a category 4 storm now. it's in eth t middle of the atlantic. it's still st 1,000 miles away from the lesser antilles, that's as close as it, the closest land mass anywhere. 140 miles per hour. the maximum sustained wind. a big hurricane, you can see it's very symmetrical. it's got a huge eye, about 20 nautical miles across. a very impressive-looking storm. so to speak on satellite. it's moving off to the west. why did it get so strong so fast? one of the things, this is one to of the factors. that helps hurricanes intensify, is warm waters. the warmer the war, t more potential for a stronger
5:48 pm
hurricane. let's take a look here. there you can see, that's the lesser antilles. here's the coast of africa. and this storm has been moving this way. well just today, it starts getting into these warmer water temperatures. ell into the middle to upper d yeah, boom goes the dynamite sohey say, right? the forecast track here on igor is that it's expected to stay a very intense hurricane, it's u expected to slowly curve up to the northnd to the west in about three days' time. that's when it gets its closest approach to the island. it looks like it willsie taking a similar path. if you remember earl, that's the one that got close to the u.s. d brushed the out banks, almost and headed up to the canadian mitimes. we think this could be a similar track storm. which would be better news for us, we'll watch this storm. it certainly bears watching, because things change, especially when we're talking that far out in time. >> jacqui, it, ciate thanks. hi we typically think of slavery as an ugly memory of the
5:49 pm
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>> brazil's labor ministry says 95 foreign agricultural workers have been rescued from slave-like conditions. two separate raids involved strawberry pickers and sugar cane harvesters. officials say the sugar cane workers were denied basic sanitation and many of the strawberry pickers were adolescents. they say workers a both locations were denied breaks and exposed to high levels of pestici pesticide. the employers face fines but there's no word on any criminal charges. and we normally thinkrn of modern day slavery as something that happens somewhere else. after a seven-year investigation, the fbi says hundreds of farmworkers from thailand were held as slaves right here in the united states.
5:53 pm
cnn's thelma gutierrez has details. >> reporter: we're in los angeles and we're driving to an undisclosed location to meet woa thai worker who says tt he was enslaved by an intertional corporation. it's called gloshl horizons, the company's president is an israi citizen and indictedfo on forcing hundreds of thai men to work on u.s. farms. hundreds of workers escaped their capts and one of those men agree the to meet with us here and talk about what it means to be a modern-day leslav. we'll call him lee, a 42-year-old farmer who fears retaliation against his family back home. lee told us a story through chauncey morterell, a human rights activist in los angeles. how did this job come about for you? >> translator: back in 2004, thai recruits came to northern
5:54 pm
thailand with promises of well-paying american jobs. >> at that point, he was reall desperate. >> reporter: lee supported a family of six on less than $7 a day. he stos the recruiters told him he would be paid noerl $9 an hour as a farm laborer. about $56,000 over three years as partes of the u.s. guest worr program. in exchange, lee would have to pay the recruiter $15,000 plus interest. still, he figured he'd finish better off. so, lee said good-bye to his family and he and about 50 other workers were flown to washington state by global horizons. according to the federal indictment, the company confiscated some of the workers' passports and combined them to their compounds. lee says his passport was pain when they were sent to hawaii, to the island of maui. >> he was taken along with his fellow workers to an abandoned barracks. he was in a state of shock when he walked in. first thing he saw full of
5:55 pm
cobwebs everywhere and it was filthy and dirty and deplorable. >> reporter: far away from the grand hotels and sandy beaches tourists know, lee and others were confined to aten isolated pineapple farm. martorell who saw some of the conditions firsthand, said some men were living in freight containers with no electricity, running water or toilets. >> there's no door to close theths off and there will be their q ing through living quarters. workers have t told us that thed be starv and they went with very little food and they had to go and scrounge around just picking leaves off of plants to eat snooe e told me the workers were under 24-hour surveillance. according to the indictment, one guard even threatened tto oot anyone who tried to escape. then, there was the issue of payment. we look at several months' worth of check stubs and eac and every time, it says, o,a o. lee says he was paid $14,000 in total, about $1,000 a month,
5:56 pm
despite working overtime, it was far less than what he was promised. unable to pay the recruiters' fee, he lost his house and ancestral land in thailand. a spokeswoman for global horins told n those fees were charged by rogue recruiters, not by mordecai orion who has pled not guilty in she said allegations aut dismal living conditions were complete fabrications made by the workers to federal investigators in change for special visa to remain in the united states beyond their three-year stay. she says orion wa only trying to help thai workers. >> modern-day slavery is alive and well here in america. >> reporter: you're saying our laws actual here make it possible? >> yes. this is the changing face of trafficking and slavery in america. unfortunately, we are beginning to see more and more slavery through contract labor, like the guest wokkers program. >> reporter: lee says he was never treated like a guest in this country.
5:57 pm
not until he finally escaped his employer's gri thelma gutierrez, cnn, los angeles. >> i'm fredricka whitfield, i'll see you here next weekend. don lemo is coming up next with an interesting project within the nfl, trying to keep the players' heads screwed on right in a world full of money and fame. to save me a boatload of money on my mortgage -- that would be awesome! [sarcastically] sure. like that will happen. don't just think about it. spend 10 minutes at lendingtree ansavep to $27 a month. look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, expresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicate as shipping it, though. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat ra boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard all day! i'm soooo amped! i mean not amped. excited. well, sort of amped. really kind of in between. have you ever thought about decaf? do you think that would help? yeah.
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